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Today is: 1/14/2024
Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc. (OMPP) 
Company Representatives:

President/CEO of Olivos Motion Picture Productions (OMPP): (Extension #: 101)
(2012-present) Mr. Daniel Angel Olivo

Vice President: (Extension #: 102)
(2012-present) Mr. Severino Payano
General Manager: (Extension #:103)
(2012-present) Mr. Ramon Olivo                                                                                                              EmailRamon.olivo@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.com
Head of Productions Technology Department: (Extension #:104)
(2012-present) Mr. Hilmy Tejada                                                                                                   EmailHilmy.tejada@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.
Supervisor: (Extension #105)
(2012-present) Mr. Joel Alexander Olivo
 Supervisor Head of Security Department: (Extension #107)
(2018-present) Mr. Ronaldo Thomas
Customer Service Dept. Supervisor: (Extension #108)
(2020-present) Mrs. Christina Lopez
Email: Christina.lopez@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.com
 Administration Department: (Extension #: 109)
  • (2021-present) Mr. Hugo Calvo 
Email: Hugo.calvo@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.com  
  • (2021-present) Mrs. Isaura Molina 
Email: Isaura.molina@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.com

 To contact and or reach any of Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc. (OMPP) other representatives such as productions workers, printing dept., human resource please contact extension # 101. Every one part of Olivos Motion Picture Productions has an email that is theirfirstname.lastname@OlivosMotionPictureProductions.com in case you would like to reach any one of them directly. But we encourage you to call us for faster responses. Thank you.