Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc.



Todays date: 9/6/2023

Question: Can I get a business card?

Answer: Sure. We can text it to you, email you, mail it, either way. Below is a pic of it. 

Question: Who makes your business cards or your productions?

Answer: We make them ourselves or we have close partners that we work with to get it done. 

Question: When was Olivos Motion Picture Productions established?

Answer: Olivos Motion Picture Productions was established in 2012, in New York.

Question: Are there any open positions in Olivos Motion Picture Productions?

Answer: We usually do need the help or some extra hands for our work since generally we are busy with a lot of clientele. 

Question: How much does the employees get paid?

Answer: Employees pay/salary depends on some things such as experience, time of work, contract, location, type of work, and etc.

Question: Who made or found Olivos Motion Picture Productions?

Answer: The name of the founder of Olivos Motion Picture Productions is Daniel Olivo. 

Question: Where do Olivos Motion Picture Productions work?

Answer: Olivos Motion Picture Productions travels and we work everywhere. We do global work. We can deliver.

Question: What is Olivos Motion Picture Productions?

Answer: Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc. is a New York professional video and graphic design producing company. Videographers design to educated viewers most of all. We do events such as promotional videos, weddings, live events, sports, romantic moments, birthdays,  parties and more. Besides educational films we make comedy, action, adventure, drama, Westerns, animations, war films, crime and gangster films,  thriller, horror, artistic, Sci-Fi, epics / historical films, and many other types of films (we try to keep what we do in a way that is pleasing to God. Jesus Christ is alive so we try to prevent sinful acts as much as possible). We create it with full permission and legality. Pardon our limited services about us not making pornography because we are antiporn. We do not film porn so please do not ask. We are against those types of work for religious reasons, we do not wanto to cause people to sin, we highly respect womens rights, protecting humanity, and the laws. We will do no harm. Olivos Motion Picture Productions vaules humanity, compassion, care for others, kindness, and love. in no way will we purposely want to cause damage physically, mentally, nor emotionally. We do not discriminate. Our cinematography / videography work is our pass ion. We hope you find it useful. We try to use the most advance equipment for your pleasure. Please watch every movie that comes out and stay tuned for more.

Question: What is OMPP?

Answer: OMPP stands for Olivos Motion Picture Productions.

Question: What is the social media platforms for Olivos Motion Picture Productions?

Answer: We use Instagram,


 Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. They are usually easy to find, try typing in Olivos Motion Picture Productions or OMPP. Our email is 

Question: Do you guys have a license or education?

Answer: Yes, most of our workers/employees are certified in what they do. We took courses in photography, videography, and related matters. We have experience. Each varies slightly on the individual/director/agent that works on the project.

Question: Do you guys donate?

Answer: Yes, we often do donate. 

Question: How much is the services?

Answer: It varies, please contact us.

Question: How much do models from OMPP gets paid?

Answer: It varies, please contact us.

Question: How much do actors/actresses from OMPP earns?

Answer: It varies, please contact us.

Question: I have more questions please.

Answer: Please contact us for more information, thanks.

Question: Do you guys have an office?

Answer: Yes, we do, we have two offices, our main office is in NY:

260 Audubon ave, Suite 7E, New York NY 10033

and our new office is located in PA:

1242 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104.

Question: Do you work in different areas?

Yes, we travel. We primary work in NY / PA.

Question: What is the Cash App of Olivos Motion Picture


Answer: $ProductionsCompany

Question: What is the Zelle of Olivos Motion Picture


Answer: Please use our company number, 717-954-7383.


Question: Do OMPP have stocks available for investors?

Answer: We are working on allowing the public people, investors

to buy and own some of our shares, as we keep profiting and

donating back, its a process.


Question: Does Olivos Motion Picture Productions have

a studio or company vehicles?

Answer: Yes. Contact a supervisor for more information.


Question: I want to make some money fast can Olivos

Motion Picture Productions help me?

Answer: Yes, please contact us as we might be hiring,

looking for more talents, professionals, and even people

with no experience as we  would train/pay during trainings.

We can also do private work. Please contact us.


Question: I want to hire Olivos Motion Picture Productions

for some work but I have no money now, can OMPP

still help?

Answer: Yes, we can work out a deal hopefully. We do provide loans to our clients sometimes under certain circumstances. 


Question: Do Olivos Motion Picture Productions do porn?

Answer: Generally, we do not because we are a religious based, Catholic company, however, we do private work for our clients, so if so, it would be depending on our clients. God is great. Please be lawful and mindful for our future.


Question: What is the most money I can borrow from Olivos

Motion Picture Productions (OMPP)?

Answer: That depends on our clients, the project, your credit, your work history, and references. Generally, we would finance the entire project and keep contracts in records. OMPP is serious about our clients and making sure we can get the job done. We've loan out millions of dollars and we are still working for the clients.


Question: I work for OMPP, how can I get personal employee assistance? Be part of the program?

Answer: Please contact your supervisor, higher up, log in to the OMPP employee portal and apply. We care for our workers/partners.


Question: How many times has Olivos Motion Picture 

Productions donated?

Answer: Olivos Motion Picture Productions donates a 

percentage of the profits to different organizations,

people, charities, and we do it on a regular basis. Please

contact our human resource dept or president of 

the company.


Question: How much experience do you have?

Answer: We have partners, we have been a company since 2012

but we have staff that has experiences, years, decades, and

educational background skills. Available upon request.


Question: What do you guys do? What are your services?

Answer: We do productions work, photography, graphics, business cards,

prints, videos, films, movies, and more. Contact us anytime.