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Olivos Motion Picture Productions contributes to the medical field, healthcare field, science, and better patient care. Some of our profits goes to medical related research organizations that are trying to find cures. Here are some scientific products such as journals, articles, publications, and such. If you would like to add your work to our Olivos Motion Picture Productions library or have any questions, please contact us. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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   Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc. is a New York professional video and graphic design producing company. Videographers design to educated viewers most of all. We do events such as promotional videos, weddings, live events, sports, romantic moments, birthdays,  parties and more. Besides educational films we make comedy, action, adventure, drama, Westerns, animations, war films, crime and gangster films,  thriller, horror, artistic, Sci-Fi, science in general, medical, healthcare, patient care, psychology, biology, chemistry, epics / historical films, and many other types of films (we try to keep what we do in a way that is pleasing to God. Jesus Christ is alive so we try to prevent sinful acts as much as possible). We create it with full permission and legality. Our cinematography / videography work is our pass ion. We hope you find it useful. We try to use the most advance equipment for your pleasure. Please watch every movie that comes out and stay tuned for more.


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