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  Olivos Motion Picture Productions has important information to share with employees regarding news and updates so please keep in touch and log in every time. 

We thank all of our employees and want to make sure each of them are doing great so our clients can receive the best quality of service. We care very much about our clients. Customer service satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Please note: unauthorized access to any account which is not yours can result in serious penalties. Please do not hack into any accounts which is not yours. Only log in to your account with your name and your passwords. It would not be permitted to allow any other user to access any other persons account. It is forbidden to enters someones account that is not yours. If a username was not created by you, it is not your username. If you enter an account with a username that is not yours, there would be serious hacking penalties and the police would be involved. Please respect each other and respect others privacies. Also note that no clients information is listed on any of the websites pages. All clients information is stored in a more private database separate from the internet. We value our clients information and privacy very much. The information after being granted permission, only if you are the user that created the username, would be your employee records. Thank you. 

Please note: Some of our profits goes to the medical field. We donate to the health care field to show more support to other organizations that are trying to find more cures and ways to better treat patients. Thank you. 

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