Today is: 9/6/2023
Modeling / Artists / Actors / Actresses 

OMPP (Agency) has been representing models and actors professionally for years and we value respect, dignity, confidentiality, and maintaining privacy when wanted. 

Our partners/workers knows that our clients/talent is important so we would offer the most high pay that we can to help our relationship grow more professional every time.  We know how much our new models should be getting paid, we will fight to make sure you get top dollar for your talents. We will use your photos/films professionally and make sure it is not violated in the industry because of our works. 

We would handle all of the transactions/scheduling for our workers (talents/partners). We will back you up and show you that together we are stronger. Contracts are explained in depths. Exclusive events would be offered to only authorized personnel. The bookings that are provided are meant for OMPP staff only unless stated otherwise. 

  • Private promotions, connected major companies asks us all the time what we have going on to see if we can supply other companies with talent/skills so make sure that you are on our contacts and actively checking for updates.

Don't worry, with us, you are more prepared to grow your careers even more fierce.

OMPP is constantly busy with castings, test shoots, jobs and productions developments to help our clients even more. We also do volunteering work for churches, religious events, non-profit companies to help our communities better in Pennsylvania first mostly. 

OMPP has helped developed indie talents, helped create their own websites, their own brand, we printed out many business cards/flyers/club promos and other related productions for people who do not want to be represented by us, we also helped with their own schedule of meetings to maximize solo workers earnings and/or their portfolios. Expanding partnerships is a goal. With the experience that our partners have, the time to exponentially sky rocket the works is great. Joining us will increase your chances of making your talents/skills even better. 

We are trying to get more involved with well known agencies such as SAG/AFTRA franchised talent agency, private conventions, network with other agencies, private well known agencies, charity companies such as those that are non-profit as well. We are not licensed yet with SAG/AFTRA but we would like to work on earning more licenses as well. We have done a lot of charity works and helped grow careers here at our productions company. Olivos Motion Picture Productions, Inc. has a variety of productions services and modeling work is one of them that we also provide to our clients since sometimes when we are hired for a photoshoot, sometimes they might want more people (models) involved or acting done so we get hired for filming and then we could distribute it, either privately or publicly. 


Here at OMPP:

  • We always keep private matters confidential.

  • We always try to respect our partners/clients by making sure our work stays confidential/private when needed.

  • We always try to respect our clients wishes of not disclosing their full identities if they want to remain private.

  • We always try to produce works through a different name/company to maintain private and or confidentiality. 

  • We always try to maintain our dignity. 

  • We try to make sure we give customer service satisfaction guarantee. 

  • We always try to maintain our try to serve our talent/clientsâ�� interests first.

  • We try to represent both our private partners/contractors, third parties, UNION and NON-UNION talent as well*.

  • We worked with other productions companies that also offers modeling services, artists development services, promos and more. 

  • We professionally pride ourselves in the nurturing and developing of our talent.

  • We are service oriented, highly trained, highly experienced, enthusiastic, friendly, and professional.

â��*Contact us for more details. 

OMPP has been trying to represent professionally adults, children, and real families for either private work, charity works, commercials, theatrical, print work (lifestyle + fashion), fit modeling, voiceovers, children works, blogs, educational and industrials. We have been representing different talents from all over the US, Dominican Republic, Cuba, all over the world. We have fostered beautiful relationships that have seen graduations, weddings, big moves and new family additions. 

We do have a FAQs section to answer any questions/concerns.

We have helped models/artists/actors/actresses grow their careers.

There are private publications, public distributions of what OMPP has done for references. 

Professionality is a major concern for our talents/partners which is why we have a lot of paper works, copies of identifications, legal documents, and why no one has ever had a big problem with us. We try to stay very respectful.